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French Country Decorating

French country decorating is characterized by charm and its versatility of being relaxed yet refined.

It offers comfort and tradition with a matchless mix of the familiar, (much like the way of French living) giving life and reference to the past. There are no so called “rules” and interiors vary widely with warmth and sophistication. Here are four key French decorating tips and key elements to French country decorating:

Color: The colors are rich and vibrant or a subdued earth tone drawing its radiance from nature. The colors of nature never clash and so nearly anything goes.

french country decorating Blues of the Mediterranean to the violet blue of the lavender fields. Sunflower yellow, poppy reds, leafy greens and stone gray from the landscape, olives and plum from the vineyards are all colors that work.

Introduce color with fabric, furniture, floor coverings, tile, paint, art and accessories.

Light: Light plays off color, furnishings and textures differently. Some surfaces absorb light while others reflect light. Too much light is jarring and cast shadows.


Strike a balance with French country lighting between shadow and light to flatter everything in the room.

Texture: Rooms are more interesting layering an intriguing mix of textures creating a sensuous and comfortable interior. Achieve balance by mixing fabrics, wall and floor coverings with slate, iron, rush and other natural materials.

Combine a strong surface with soft, light with dark, old and new, sophisticated with relaxed.

Scale: Large scaled furniture and accessories are favored.


Even in smaller living quarters and French country home designs think “over scale” and opt for fewer furnishings. Scaled up pieces suggest roominess and individual pieces are appreciated more. Successful rooms will have balance but not symmetrical which allows the oversized furnishings to work.

Furnishings, and French country furniture has been passed down for generations one to the next. The eclectic furnishings from different eras (many can be flea market finds) mix well, giving the space a welcome feel and are less serious. Fill your rooms with comfortable overstuffed sofas and chairs with rolled arms that invite you to sit.

Large handsomely carved armoires with curved bonnets,

french country decorating commodes with intriguing hardware, ladies’ desks, console tables with graceful cabriole legs, and hutches that answer the call for storage and aesthetics.

Stone, tile and wood are natural choices for flooring with French country decorating. Floors are left bare or covered with faded oriental rugs and Aubussons that evoke an antique air, or a bordered sisal.

Walls are painted, papered or a trompe l’oeil, which is making a flat surface to appear as a three-dimensional painting or mural.


Fabric billows on skirted tables, canopy beds, pillows and throws.

Window treatments often “puddle” on the floor with details of a luxurious fringe and tassels for an artful touch.

This style of interior has a passion for the finishing touches of French country decor such as potted plants, cut flowers and the romance of this old world elegance continues outdoors with French country gardens.

french country garden

The French also have a passion for fine food and if you do too, here are some fabulous French cooking recipes to love, and more French country decorating ideas to savor.

French country home decorating offers a lot of freedom and expression of an individuality as distinctive as your personality (as does flea market decorating).


Easy to do Interior Painting Ideas

There are many different interior paint ideas you’ll discover that can be used to add style, and change the look of your rooms. As you begin decorating the rooms of your home.

Interior paint ideas are about being creative and you can be as creative as you wish. Plus, you shouldn’t have a problem when it comes to controlling your budget.

That’s because most of the materials you will need can be acquired for a small amount of money. However, you should remember that although interior paint ideas do not have to be expensive, creating your designs with them, can take quite a bit of your time.

So, be patient, because hurrying your paint designs will often result in an unrewarding outcome.

The following are some of the different ways you can use interior paint ideas to dress up the look of your walls:

rag rollingRag Rolling – Rag rolling is done by rolling up a rag as you would a magazine or newspaper, and then rolling it with your hands over the wet paint that has already been applied to the wall.

Stenciling – Stenciling is one of the best interior paint ideas because it is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to decorate your walls. Stenciling works by painting the areas that have been cut out of a template.

Then once the template is removed, a defined pattern or design remains. You can create your own stencils, if you have the proper materials, or you can purchase them at craft or specialty stores. Stencils come in various sizes and designs, and you can place them on any part of your wall to either create a picture, or boarder.

You should remember, however, that it is a good idea to use a darker or light color for your stenciling patterns to contrast with the main color of the wall.

baggingBagging – After the wall has been painted you can then use the bagging interior paint ideas to create interesting wall patterns, by placing a cloth that has been bunched up into a bag, and then dragging it over the wall.

Sponge Painting – For sponging interior paint ideas all you require is a simple sea sponge, and a tray to hold the glaze paint of your choice. You can then proceed to sponge the wall as intricately or loosely as you would like to create the desired effect you want. You will find that with sponging, you can create a lovely marble look on the wall.

Other interesting interior paint ideas you can create if you are more adventurous include dragging, stippling, combing, granite finish and marbleizing.

Types of paint that you should look into for your painting project include:

* Latex
* Latex flat enamel
* Alkyd
* Enamel
* Epoxy


As you can see there are several great interior paint ideas for you to check out and use to create some of the most wonderfull designs on your room walls. Take your time decorating your rooms, and you will love the result of your work.



About The Author… Michael Holland is the creator of www.kids-rooms-and-crafts.com and www.home-decorating-made-easy.com. His web sites offers lots of FREE decorating tips and ideas for decorating your home.

Creating Your Very Own Cottage Garden

cottage gardens

Creating Your Cottage Garden

The Cottage Garden Cottage gardens exude charm and character, with an informal style, very unlike formal gardens with their immaculate lawns and regimented borders. The cottage garden style typically consists of lots of plants, heavy on the flowers, with paths meandering between. The plants are chosen to suit personal tastes with the emphases on the pleasure of growing plants and enjoying their color, fragrance and form. A medley of colors and textures that is all crammed into the beds and borders.

Cottage gardens were originally constructed to utilize every bit of growing space for family needs. This meant, flowers, fruit, herbs and vegetables were packed together into even the smallest plots. One tip is to incorporate wildflowers and herbs as well as the more traditional cottage garden plants. Plant in clumps with large blocks of color to introduce rich patters of color and movement. Also, don’t restrict yourself to planting tall plants in the back, with smaller ones in front. Mix some of the taller plants in amongst the middle planting area as well.

You should grow hollyhock beside walls and fences, plant climbers, such as clematis and roses, in amongst the hedges and trees, or up wall and fences. Annuals can fill in between gaps in the planting. You will find many of the flowers that are featured in traditional cottage gardens are self-sowing, so leave old flower spikes intact for self-seeding.

cottage garden plan

All gardens require care and attention and cottage gardens are no exception. You will need to do frequent deadheading in order to encourage a long season of blooming flowers. Divide and replant where appropriate depending on the plant, and, of course, the weeding necessary in any garden.

The first step in creating your cottage garden is to plan your layout. A classic cottage garden has a straight path to the front door, a simple fence and perhaps an arc over the gate, the path or doorway. A more modern design has a curving path. You will need to decide which path option works best for you. A climbing rose or a wisteria would be a good choice to adorn the wall by and above the front door. The path should be edged with plants that will spill over and soften the edges. You should have a few evergreen shrubs, this will provide green all year and will provide a background to show off your flowers, as well as contrast with autumn foliage and your spring bulbs. Also in winter, your evergreen shrubs will provide color and inject interest while the rest of your garden is dormant.

plan your garden

Adding a tree will give scale to your garden, and lift the eye over the flowers. Deciduous trees have more than one season of interest since they provide autumn color, also many of them have beautiful flowers and fruits. Also, the frameworks of the branches provide height in winter and will not block the winter sunlight in small plots. Deciduous flowering shrubs will provide spring and summer pleasure, and some will give you autumn foliage and berries in the winter.

I believe one cannot have a cottage garden without roses. There are so many types available now, whether heritage roses or the modern roses bred for ease of maintenance and disease resistance, you have your colors and degree of work you wish to commit. There are wonderful climbers to adorn arches, doorways, fences and pergolas. Work roses into your overall scheme, and let them play their part, and they will contribute beauty, scent and structure to your garden.

herb garden

Add different climbers, such as roses, clematis and others to the same support, whether it is a tree, arbor or fence. It is a good space-saving technique that creates colorful features for months on end and adds height to the garden.

Your landscaping should include more than plants. Add seating areas and containers to help you enjoy your garden. They contrast well with the flow and look of your plants. Containers are also a convenient way to add lots of extra color around buildings, seats and benches. Containers can be anything, use your imagination, for example, objects such as old chimney pots, old watering cans, and bottomless metal buckets can be recycled to make authentic, aged features that will add color and character to your cottage garden.

Your cottage garden should be a color palate of your imagination, blending plants, objects and colors into a whole that is uniquely you. Add and change it through the years and watch it evolve.

english cottage garden

About The Author… Theresa Sontag
Theresa is an avid gardener. For more information on creating lush, vibrant gardens visit her sites at Rose Gardens, Garden and Lawn and Garden Article Source: House and Home


Home Improvements can affect your Insurance

How does DIY affect my Insurance?

Improving your home brings many benefits. It adds value to your property, it becomes a nicer place to live. If you have taken time to upgrade wiring, plumbing, increased security etc, this can also reduce the risk of an insurance claim.

home improvements

On the flip side, you will need to re asses your home insurance as it could mean you are now under-insured.

If you own the property, then any additions to the structure for example an extension or a conservatory can mean the building sum insured is too low.  Maybe you have spent several thousand pounds on a new bathroom suite or kitchen. This increase will need to be taken into account.

How do I know how much to increase the sums insured by?

There is no hard and fast rule here, but generally if you have spent an X thousand pounds on the structure of your property, I would add this to the building sum insured.

What is buildings what is Contents?

If you are not sure what should be included a simple way to tell what is classed as buildings and what is classed as contents is as follows:

The structure is generally anything you would leave behind when you sell the property. For example you don’t take the kitchen or the bathroom, or fitted wardrobes with you. They are all classed as part of the structure.

Anything else is classed as contents insurance. This is another area that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you have spent money on furniture, such as a new home office  you may need to re think your contents sum insured. It depends on what type of policy you have.

luxury kitchen

Some house insurance policies rate on the number of bedrooms in your property and provide an overall sum insured say £40,000. This reduces the probability of under insurance. If you have calculated the sum insured yourself, then you need to go through each room and add up the total cost of the furniture. Don’t forget to include, clothes, kitchenware and electronic items in your calculations.

If you have made large improvements to your property, you might have installed a new or upgraded security system,  CCTV etc.  This is something that you should advise your home insurer of, as there are reductions in premiums for increased security, such as doors and window locks and alarms etc.

If you are taking the time to revisit sums insured and cover, it might be a good idea to make sure the policy you have is still meeting your requirements and whether it is still the most competitive or not.

insurance advice

There are lots of places to look online, as well as comparison sites. If you are not sure who you can really trust for advice you could visit the BIBA website and they will be able to recommend a local insurance broker

If you don’t want to use an insurance broker,  do the research for yourself, but don’t fully understand the terminology, or where to look, I recommend using a website like thatsinsurance. They appear to be truly independent and do not sell anything themselves. The site has great sections that explains insurance cover in more detail and then rates Insurance companies and the policies they offer.

Armed with more information you can also visit comparison sites, although you need to be aware that they don’t compare every policy. They will however be able to give you an indication of the sort of premium you can expect to pay and the cover available.

You have spent a lot of time and energy making your home look as good as possible. It is only right you make sure the Insurance covering your luxurious abode is up to scratch too.


Home Improvements


Home Improvement is a good investment and very popular because it adds value to your home. Most people consider home improvements to their home for this reason. You can get home improvement loans and information for your remodeling projects online. Home improvement sites like this will help steer you in the right direction so that you can start your home projects right away.

Modern Sectionals in Many Colors

Most home improvements are usually done to the bathroom or kitchen, the two most important rooms in the house. It is these two rooms that most people want to look its best and will add more value to the home. Some remodeling projects would include new faucets, cabinets, countertops and flooring. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all that is needed.

Whether it’s kitchen or bathroom remodeling, repairs on the roof, adding a patio or backyard pool, or building an addition, you’ll find home improvement stores and centers like Lowes and Home Depot online, plus helpful do it yourself tips and ideas, remodeling projects and shows, grants and loans, catalogs, books and magazines.

Home remodeling is your answer to beautifying your homes interior and exterior. You can get all kinds of design solutions to give you the desired results you’ve always dreamed of. Perhaps you’ve always wanted an in ground pool and cabana. Maybe an outdoor gourmet kitchen and patio. Whatever your project may be, we hope to help you at this site with home improvement experts in loans, grants, remodeling, designs and contractors. Your house may only be an extra room away from being your dream home with just a few improvements.

Wallcoverings include an abundance of choices including paint, wood panels, wallpaper, murals, fabric, marble, granite, limestone, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, mirror, glass, bamboo, seagrass, burlap, cork, stucco, vinyl, leather, suede, silk, faux finishes tapestries and more. You can purchase discounted and wholesale wall coverings online for your convenience.


Creating wonderful walls takes creativity and a little bit of patience. At first it may be overwhelming and intimidating, because your walls are the largest surface areas in the room. Remember, your walls are the backdrop or background for the style and design theme in the room. They can be bold and beautiful or they can blend in or fade away. Shop online and the many wallpaper and home improvement stores to get great ideas for your home project.

Wallcoverings bring color, pattern, texture and interest to your walls. But it’ll take some patience to go through the many wallpaper and wallcovering books that are available. Paint will always be your least expensive wall covering. You can always do-it-yourself or hire an artist to paint murals and other faux finishes on your walls. Other wall painting techniques you can choose are stenciling, rag rolling, stamping, gilding, crackling, feathering, marbelizing, stippling, spattering, dragging, antiquing, aging, sponging, embossing and much more.

You’ll find many wallcovering and wallpaper manufacturers such as York, Brewster, Imperial, Chesapeake, Seabrook, Blonder, Eisenhart, Waverly, Schumacher, Warner, Olney, Thybony, Patton, Thibaut, International, Brownstone, Beacon House, Ashford House, Antonina Vella, Andover, Carey Lind, Fairwinds Studio, Gramercy, Ralph Lauren, Ronald Redding and more.


Painting textured and faux finishes offers special decorative effects that can be applied on many surfaces like walls, floors, cabinets, furniture and more and is applied with many faux painting techniques such as stenciling, ragging, rolling, sponging, combing, feathering, marbelizing, stippling, masking, spattering, stamping, dragging, antiquing, aging, gilding and crackling. These faux finish painting techniques produce amazing results.

Faux, meaning “fake” gives the appearance or illusion of the real thing by using these various applications. Decorative faux finishes can be painted on most surfaces and can be painted to look like wood, suede, leather, stone, silk, slate, brick, marble, granite, limestone, seagrass, tortoise, brass, bronze, copper, stucco, ceramic tile, rug, mosaic, denim, linen, velvet, bamboo, stone, river rock or many others.

Your textured faux paint can also produce a wall mural that looks real enough, almost 3D, to step into. This faux finish is called a trompe l”oeil painting, which means “fool the eye”. This painting technique gives a visual trick, displaying a scene or object that appears to be real.

Some faux painting tips and ideas may include murals of an island in the middle of the ocean, windows looking onto a landscape, a bookcase or shelving unit with accessories, palm trees or plants, flower arrangements on a pedestal, majestic columns, ceramic tile, marble, a parquet wood floor, granite, a rose garden view, a ceiling of billowing clouds, stars in the night time, a mosaic area rug on the floor, forest landscape, Japanese garden with waterfalls and much more. Your creativity and imagination is the limit.


Don’t forget a clean house looks and feels better

You have spent a fortune on repainting and reflooring your property, don’t spoil it by forgetting to properly clean up the mess. DIY will cause a build up of dust and debris and it is important that you clean this up properly to avoid spoiling all the good work you have done.

Oreck Ultra

Nothing looks worse than dust and bits of dirt, cobwebs in the corners of your property and this would be such a shame as you are rightly proud of your new home!

Perhaps it is time to get rid of that old and dirty vacuum cleaner. Studies have proved that an unloved uncleaned vacuum cleaner will throw out more dust and detritous than it is cleaning up. If your vacuum has bags, is it full or does it need to be replaced? If you hoover is bagless, does the filter need washing and the bin emptying. Sometimes your hoover will just be past its sell by date and maybe it’s time that you throw it away and replace it with one that will do your property justice.

Vacuum cleaners can be expensive, however don’t panic just yet as I have found a great company that refurbishes vacuums at a fraction of the cost of a new one, they have great feedback on a wide range of vacuums from Hoover, Electrolux to Samsung and Vax. They also sell new ones as well, you can check them out here Henry Hoover World




The Importance of Home Decor

Home Decor Is Abundant When You Shop Online!

Home decor shopping is easy and convenient when you are shopping online. You can get ideas, tips and advice for all of your home decorating projects. Beautify your new house or apartment, both interior and exterior, with the best furniture and accessories, garden decor and supplies.

On this site you will find inspirational interior design and decorating ideas for your kitchen remodeling, bedrooms and bathrooms, blinds, curtains and more with great selections on faucets, furniture, kitchen islands and appliances. But it does not stop there for your home.

Each section of this decorating site is structured to take you from room to room and cover the entire house, whether you are shopping for bathroom renovation, dining room, kitchen or bathroom, or want to do a more extensive “do it yourself” kitchen remodeling project, the online sources at this site will help you create a beautifully finished product that you can take pride in.

With the right design plans, it’s easy to transform any living or dining room space into a spectacular and comfortable space with just the right choice of furniture. You will be able to access remodeling plans for your bedroom, kitchen, or basement, or attic too, each designed by interior designers and experienced architects for both interior and exterior, like landscaping and whole house designing.


For your outdoor furniture and landscape, get tips on patio furniture and design, garden decor, and outdoor lighting. You’ll get great prices on teakwood, wrought iron, cast aluminum and much more. And don’t forget to accent your backyard oasis with water fountains, ponds, statues, and decorative pots and planters.

On the home decorating side of things, you can shop for beautiful accessories, such as silk floral and plant arrangements, wallcoverings to add color and texture, like faux painting, area rugs, table and floor lamps, wall pictures and artwork, to closet storage devices that are easy to install.

With any home improvement project, you will need a variety of kitchen and bathroom hardware, as well as electrical supplies and power hand tools to help you get the job done right. With that said, we have an abundant listing of resources for your exterior and interior lighting needs, plus a host of merchants that we recommend when shopping for paint and varnishes, to add that special flavor and decorative touch.


Some of the useful areas we are going to cover in future articles are as follows:

Where to get the best deals on home appliances and parts

Discover how to select ranges, toasters, dishwashers and more.

Beautiful bathroom accessories and partsbath acc

Learn how to accessorize your bathroom with unique lighting, vanities, and sinks that gives your bathroom the look you want!

Learn how to select shower curtains and rods for bathroom

Buy or make beautiful curtains by adding decorative beads and more.

beaded curtains

Decorating Tips for your kitchen, bedroom, and living room

Never be left without knowing how to quickly spruce up you home decor using quick tips and ideas!

Electrical Supplies like electrical panels, boxes, cable, and wiring

Here you will know the essentials of when to hire a remodeling contractor for every phase of your home project.

Best design outlets for flooring, carpeting, hardwood, ceramic tile, and wood floors

hard wood floors

Exclusive interior design resources that you can shop for bargain prices!

Furniture solutions for your home or office

The best places to shop for furniture for home and office on the internet!

Online shopping for garden supply, catalogs, sculptures, and statues

Create a lovely backyard garden with sculpture, water ponds, and bridges!

Recommended home Improvement sites

Find which home improvement sites give the best deals.

How to get the best deals on power saws and hand tools like pliers, chisels and and wrenches

Get ready by getting the right tools for the right job and ease the frustrations.

Heating and air conditioning sources for whole house or air or duct work

Maintain the correct temperatures for comfort to your home.

Home and storage sheds and organizers for closets

Quickly clear the clutter with tips using organizers for your closets and pantry.

Tips on choosing kitchen cabinets

The wrong kitchen cabinet selection and style could ruin your decor.

The secrets to selecting the best lighting fixtures for outdoor and indoors

The most effective ways to use lighting decor to to create a special mood.

List of decorative paints and varnish from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Ralph Lauren

How to give your room a make-over using decorative painting techniques!

Painting techniques for awesome walls

Faux painting to give your walls the look of granite, marble or leather!

The best online plumbing fixtures and supply stores

Easy plumbing for “do it yourself “plumbing. Get fixtures that add magic to your kitchen and bath.

Choosing the right flooring

There are many types to choose from. Do you know how to select yours?

Murals, borders, and wallpaper that add character to your interior

Make a bold statement with custom murals, tapestries or wallcoverings.

Remember to keep checking back so you don’t miss out!!


The difference curtains and blinds can make to your property

Curtains and blinds are favorite window treatments that are functional, but bring comfort and beauty to your windows. Whether it’s a curtain or blind that you choose, you’ll be amazed at all the colors, styles, fabrics and materials you have to choose from. Your window treatment can include vertical and mini blinds, shutters, shades, draperies, valances and swags, all with its own array of decorative hardware. Some hardware will include a variety of rods, brackets, and finials with a vast selection of finishes, like wood, wrought iron or brass.

curtain pols

Window treatments can be both aesthetical and functional: they add a touch of color and style to a room, and yet, block out light, let light in, and add privacy. The style of your treatments will be determined by many factors such as the size and shape of your window, your desired design theme, furniture used in the room, architectural features, light to control, and function and privacy of the space. blinds

Is your design theme Victorian? Then you may consider billowing draperies and swags in velvet and lace with plush fringe, and decorative rods and finials. An apartment with a contemporary theme may call for simple sheers, or blinds and shutters. A country flavor would include curtains with ruffles and valances. An office might add wooden shutters or blinds, or Roman shades.



Whatever the window treatment decided upon, they are sure to add the right flavor to your design theme and give the window a completed look. One thing to note: Windows that have no surrounding homes or peering eyes, but only trees and small animal friends, may not need treatments

at all. why not invite nature in.



Decorating Tips and Ideas

Decorating tips and ideas for your next home improvement project can be found here and many places online to help you ease into all the decorating decisions and turn the complex into simple. We will be your designing and decorating resource to turn to when you need a helping hand with the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedroom and more.

We’ve gathered some great decorating resources here online so that you can face some of your decorating questions with the answers you need to get the job done right. Get your tip from the expert designers, plus great ideas and advice from some top contractors for the small jobs and large.



You’ll find home decor items for every room in the house such as pictures, furniture, fabric, flooring, wallcoverings, rugs, books, catalogs and more. Also get outdoor decor like garden supplies, fountains, urns, planters, patio furniture, windchimes, clocks and more.

Shopping online for home decor and decorating ideas is easier than ever now with the information you get online. Your home improvement project can go a lot smoother with the right decorating and designing information that the internet can provide.

Free Tips:

Dining Room:

Measure your space before buying your dining room set. Remember that you need 2-3 feet of space beyond the chairs to get in and out of them. Choose a table shape to suit your style, function and space within. Round tables tend to give more seating in a smaller space. An oblong or rectangular table fits better in a linear or narrow room.


Eliminate the clutter by using storage racks and bins for organization. Items used the most should be placed on the lower racks within reach. Don’t place storage bins too high that it’s not easily accessible. Arrange clothing by seasons and by color for quick decisions. You can always have a designer closet by using different shapes and sizes of baskets for bins. Plastic shouldn’t be the only answer.

Bath/Laundry Storage Solutions – Green


To achieve a romantic atmosphere, add aesthetic lighting to your general lighting by adding side lamps to your nightstands and/or dresser. Turn on these lamps at night. You can also achieve romantic lighting by wrapping Christmas lights around a fake silk palm tree. Don’t forget to burn scented candles and oils for the right aromatherapy. Add luxurious linens, fur throws and decorative silk pillows for that added touch of romance.


Be sure to use a peaceful and tranquil design theme and color scheme. Blues and greens are great color choices because they comfort and soothe the soul. Always keep comfort and relaxation at the forefront when designing your project. This is a room to unwind in. (don’t forget, the bedroom has the same rules.)

Buy Bathtubs from AbsoluteHome

Window Treatments:

Consider your design theme for the best style and fabrics. Window treatments can be very costly, so you may want to consider “less is more”. Especially if you don’t plan to stay in your house. It’s not feasible to spend the money on costly custom treatments if you plan on moving. These “customs” are made to fit that window only…you can’t take it with you to the next house and expect to have the same windows. Spend only as much that you can part with.

Why bathroom decor is one of the most important projects in your home


Bathroom decorating and design is certainly one of the most important projects of the home, that’s because the bathroom is considered to be one of the two rooms in the house that people consider the most, when purchasing a home. The other is the kitchen.





Bathroom decorating and designs will start with a peaceful and tranquil theme for maximum comfort and luxury. Remember, this room is your place to escape. A place to unwind and relax and forget the stressful day that might have been before you.




Picture yourself relaxing in a tub of hot, aromatic water with scented candles flickering nearby. You look about your bathroom and feel a sense of peace as there is no noise, just harmony throughout, with the bathroom decor in place.

The heated water relaxes your muscles and slowly eases away the worries. Your tensions and frustrations dissolve, and a feeling of calm takes over. Could it be that this bathroom design, with all its color and decor, helped you achieve this blissful moment? Yes! It really does.

Many bathroom decorators and designers will use blues and greens as the color theme to achieve this tranquil state. These colors soothe and comfort you. And no matter how large or small your space is, you can still obtain this peaceful design. Your bathroom floor plan should be simple, clean and functional.


Choose colors that are soothing to you. Just make sure it is a color that you love, and that you feel comfortable in. Relaxation is the key when we are decorating and designing with comfort in mind.


Some important considerations, besides color, for your bathroom project are cabinets, storage, flooring, walls, sinks and tubs. The bathroom decor can include accessories such as towels, fixtures, faucets, lighting, mirrors, vanities, tiles, shower curtains, rugs, pictures, candles, plant and flower arrangements.