Decorating Tips and Ideas

Decorating tips and ideas for your next home improvement project can be found here and many places online to help you ease into all the decorating decisions and turn the complex into simple. We will be your designing and decorating resource to turn to when you need a helping hand with the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedroom and more.

We’ve gathered some great decorating resources here online so that you can face some of your decorating questions with the answers you need to get the job done right. Get your tip from the expert designers, plus great ideas and advice from some top contractors for the small jobs and large.



You’ll find home decor items for every room in the house such as pictures, furniture, fabric, flooring, wallcoverings, rugs, books, catalogs and more. Also get outdoor decor like garden supplies, fountains, urns, planters, patio furniture, windchimes, clocks and more.

Shopping online for home decor and decorating ideas is easier than ever now with the information you get online. Your home improvement project can go a lot smoother with the right decorating and designing information that the internet can provide.

Free Tips:

Dining Room:

Measure your space before buying your dining room set. Remember that you need 2-3 feet of space beyond the chairs to get in and out of them. Choose a table shape to suit your style, function and space within. Round tables tend to give more seating in a smaller space. An oblong or rectangular table fits better in a linear or narrow room.


Eliminate the clutter by using storage racks and bins for organization. Items used the most should be placed on the lower racks within reach. Don’t place storage bins too high that it’s not easily accessible. Arrange clothing by seasons and by color for quick decisions. You can always have a designer closet by using different shapes and sizes of baskets for bins. Plastic shouldn’t be the only answer.

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To achieve a romantic atmosphere, add aesthetic lighting to your general lighting by adding side lamps to your nightstands and/or dresser. Turn on these lamps at night. You can also achieve romantic lighting by wrapping Christmas lights around a fake silk palm tree. Don’t forget to burn scented candles and oils for the right aromatherapy. Add luxurious linens, fur throws and decorative silk pillows for that added touch of romance.


Be sure to use a peaceful and tranquil design theme and color scheme. Blues and greens are great color choices because they comfort and soothe the soul. Always keep comfort and relaxation at the forefront when designing your project. This is a room to unwind in. (don’t forget, the bedroom has the same rules.)

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Window Treatments:

Consider your design theme for the best style and fabrics. Window treatments can be very costly, so you may want to consider “less is more”. Especially if you don’t plan to stay in your house. It’s not feasible to spend the money on costly custom treatments if you plan on moving. These “customs” are made to fit that window only…you can’t take it with you to the next house and expect to have the same windows. Spend only as much that you can part with.