Don’t forget a clean house looks and feels better

You have spent a fortune on repainting and reflooring your property, don’t spoil it by forgetting to properly clean up the mess. DIY will cause a build up of dust and debris and it is important that you clean this up properly to avoid spoiling all the good work you have done.

Oreck Ultra

Nothing looks worse than dust and bits of dirt, cobwebs in the corners of your property and this would be such a shame as you are rightly proud of your new home!

Perhaps it is time to get rid of that old and dirty vacuum cleaner. Studies have proved that an unloved uncleaned vacuum cleaner will throw out more dust and detritous than it is cleaning up. If your vacuum has bags, is it full or does it need to be replaced? If you hoover is bagless, does the filter need washing and the bin emptying. Sometimes your hoover will just be past its sell by date and maybe it’s time that you throw it away and replace it with one that will do your property justice.

Vacuum cleaners can be expensive, however don’t panic just yet as I have found a great company that refurbishes vacuums at a fraction of the cost of a new one, they have great feedback on a wide range of vacuums from Hoover, Electrolux to Samsung and Vax. They also sell new ones as well, you can check them out here Henry Hoover World