The difference curtains and blinds can make to your property

Curtains and blinds are favorite window treatments that are functional, but bring comfort and beauty to your windows. Whether it’s a curtain or blind that you choose, you’ll be amazed at all the colors, styles, fabrics and materials you have to choose from. Your window treatment can include vertical and mini blinds, shutters, shades, draperies, valances and swags, all with its own array of decorative hardware. Some hardware will include a variety of rods, brackets, and finials with a vast selection of finishes, like wood, wrought iron or brass.

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Window treatments can be both aesthetical and functional: they add a touch of color and style to a room, and yet, block out light, let light in, and add privacy. The style of your treatments will be determined by many factors such as the size and shape of your window, your desired design theme, furniture used in the room, architectural features, light to control, and function and privacy of the space. blinds

Is your design theme Victorian? Then you may consider billowing draperies and swags in velvet and lace with plush fringe, and decorative rods and finials. An apartment with a contemporary theme may call for simple sheers, or blinds and shutters. A country flavor would include curtains with ruffles and valances. An office might add wooden shutters or blinds, or Roman shades.



Whatever the window treatment decided upon, they are sure to add the right flavor to your design theme and give the window a completed look. One thing to note: Windows that have no surrounding homes or peering eyes, but only trees and small animal friends, may not need treatments

at all. why not invite nature in.